Rakkasan is a Japanese word which translates to “falling down umbrella man” – a haphazard translation for paratrooper – which was first coined in post WWII Japan. This phrase was affectionately adopted by the 187th Infantry Regiment – present day 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division.

In addition to the name Rakkasans, the brigade also adopted the torii as its symbol during its post WWII occupation of Japan and to this day, Rakkasans wear toriis on their helmets in combat.

While we have no formal relationship with the brigade, RB was founded by Rakkasan combat veterans.


As mentioned all too often, there is a severe mental health crisis in our military communities. These all volunteer forces have been fighting in multiple theaters for two decades with some service members having their entire careers be a revolving door of deployments.

The high optempo has produced the most effective, efficient, and lethal fighting force ever seen in history, but it comes at a cost. Even while still in the service many service members may develop both physical and mental issues which if not addressed can yield dire consequences in the long term.

These issues can be further compounded once they exit the service and are no longer near their old support systems. And as we are reminded of the statistics daily, many veterans are choosing to solve a temporary problem with a permanent solution.

Through our programming and content we strive to help them remember who they are. To make them strong so that they can stand and fight – for their families, communities, and for their own lives.

Gateway to Glory

While toriis may be synonymous with Rakkasans, it was a deliberate choice to use the torii and serves a very specific purpose.

The torii symbolizes a gateway to glory – leaving the profane world and entering a sacred place.

This speaks directly to our approach to fitness, where it can serve as a gateway from darkness back into the light.

That when things are most out of control, fitness can be your sanctuary.

Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds of each sale goes to help veteran related causes with some events and sales being 100% donations.

To date RB has donated thousands of dollars of funds, equipment, and apparel to military organizations and in support of veteran related causes.