Name Significance: This program was inspired by the hypertrophy, "bro split" lifting that almost every lifter begins their lifting career with. In gyms each week across the nation, legions of Americans begin with week with International Chest Day (aka Monday) and it is in their honor that we have programmed a chest day for day 1 (aka Monday). This will probably be the first and only program we release with a chest day.

While almost cliche, it is 100% ALL AMERICAN.

The use of AA and toriis together should upset some with 82nd ties, which warms what remains of my soul.

This program was also released during the 21st anniversary of 9/11 – a day that inspired a generation of Americans to serve. Many who deployed spent countless hours lifting with their fellow soldiers in this same style of programming.

Intent: Hypertrophy. Either muscle growth if eating in a surplus or maintenance if eating in a deficit.

Equipment Needed: Fully stocked (globo style) gym. Must have access to barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, pulley systems, hammer strength machines (could be another plate loaded brand or weight selector), and various types of cardio.

Experience Needed: General knowledge on proper lifting form, but could be executed by a relative beginner. Best suited for moderate to advanced lifters.

Length/Frequency: 12 weeks, 5 training days per week. Recommend a 3-2 split: Days 1-3 on Monday-Wednesday and Days 4-5 on Friday-Saturday.

Design: The program is split into three separate 4 week blocks with week 7 as a deload week.

4 Week Block Overview

- Week 1: Lower RPE and # of sets

- Week 2: Increased RPE with the same number of sets

- Week 3: Maintain higher RPE introduced during the second week, increase the # of sets

- Week 4: Repeat of week, same RPE and # of sets as week 3

No cardio is prescribed on each training day, but a few 20-30 minute sessions are recommend each week and 10k daily steps for good health. The amount of cardio conducted must be in sync with the lifter's personal goals. See article on "Nutrition, Cardio, & Sleep."

This program is best experienced through the associated PDF - our best workbook to date. With each page designed to easily log not only your weights, but also notes on your cardio, sleep, recovery, diet, and weekly reviews.

Concept: Key to the proper execution of this program is attention to the Rate of Percieied Exertion (RPE) that is listed next to each exercise. While no warmup are sets are specifically programmed for each exercise, they are strongly encouraged and are a best practice. The PDF workbook allows for proper tracking of both warmup and working sets through the program.

All primary lifts (bench, squat, deadlift) are incorporated into the program, but rep ranges never go below 5 reps with the majority being greater than 7 reps. While this program will accommodate strength gains, it is not best suited for pure strength. The goal of this program is hypertrophy, to either gain muscle mass during a bulk or preserve muscle during a cut. It is up to the lifter to choose the form and quantity of cardio in order to best suit their goals.


Day 1: Chest*

Day 2: Back

Day 3: Shoulders

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Arms + Core

*The first (and most likely only) RB program has a chest day on day 1 (Monday). Since this program is inspired by classic hypertrophy/bro split, we felt it non-negotionable.


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All American Bodybuilding Program PDF

All American Bodybuilding Program PDF

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12 week bodybuilding program that will drive your to achieve your goals. 5 training days per week, with the purest bro split glory ever documented - 100% ALL AMERICAN. Our 50 page PDF is our best workbook yet with plenty of trackers and tools to help you crush your goals!


Warmups: It is imperative to ensure a solid warmup when lifting heavy – DO NOT SKIP. Begin each training day with at least five minutes of stretching/mobility work before and after your warmup cardio.  Ideally conduct 5-10 minutes of low impact cardio before every training session.

Cooldowns: Finish each training station with a 5 to 10 minute walk/steady state cardio and some stretching. This is especially important following all squatting and sprinting days.

Week 1


Bench Press (8): 4x7
Hammer Strength Incline Bench (10): 3x Max
Pec Deck Machine (9): 5x10
Cable Crossovers: (8)
- High: 2x10
- Middle: 2x10
- Low: 2x10
Cable Tricep Pushdowns (9): 4x10


Hammer Stength Seated Rows
- (8): 2x12
- (10): 2x Max
Seated Cable Rows (8): 3x12
Wide Bar Straight Arm Cable Pulldowns (8): 4x12
Machine Rear Delt Flies (9): 5x12
Pit Shark Deadlifts (8): 3x5
Barbell Rack Pulls (8): 3x7


DB Lateral Raises (8): 4x8
Seated Barbell Military Press (8): 4x10
Standing DB Military Press (8): 4x10
W Bar Upight Row (8): 3x10
Hammer Strength Dip Machine
- (8): 2x10
- (10): 3x Max
Cable Tricep Pushdowns (9): 4x10


Back Squat (8): 3x10
Hack Squat Machine (8): 2x10
Seated Leg Extensions (10): 2x20
Seated Leg Curls (10): 3x15
Standing Leg Curls (8): 3x10
DB Romanian Deadlifts (8): 3x12

Choose 1:
Run: 6 x 400m
Row: 6 x 500m
Bike: 6 x 30 Calories

Rest time = iteration's sprint time

50m total walking lunges


Rope Cable Tricep Extensions (8): 3x12
Straight Bar Cable Tricep Pushdown (8): 3x10
DB Bicep Curls (8): 3x15
Rope Cable Hammer Curls (8): 3x10
W Bar Reverse Grip Curls (8): 3x10
Cable Tricep Pushdowns (8): 3x10
Situps: 2x25
Plank: 2 x 60 seconds