CONTENT: Develop raw strength.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Squat Rack, barbell, plates, resistance bands – *If you have access to specialty bars, implement them in lieu of supplemental exercises*

EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Moderate to Advanced. Lifters must know their current 1RM for the three primary lifts: back squat (will be just referred to as “squat”), bench press, and deadlift. Refer to week 11 for your basic testing scheme.

LENGTH/FREQUENCY: 10 weeks, 6 days per week

DESIGN: Each day focuses on a core lift with supporting supplementary exercises. Each lift is trained twice each week, alternating between strength and dynamic days. At the end of the 10-week progression, maxes will be tested on each core lift before transitioning to a follow-on hypertrophy mesocycle.

CONCEPT: This 10-week progression focuses on developing extraordinary strength across the three core power lifts – squat, bench press, and deadlift. This workout is not for the faint of heart and will oftentimes ask for an AMRAP at a weight you might not have tried for more than a rep or two.

Each core lift is trained twice each week, utilizing an undulating progression to gradually build strength without overtaxing the CNS through progressive overload. It implements a percentage-based linear progression meant to build incredible and explosive lower body strength while developing upper body stamina and survivability.

By pairing power movements with plyometric exercises, workouts efficiently capitalize on the principles and benefits of contrast training. This program requires basic equipment – no more than a bench, rack, barbell, and a couple bands – and has been tried and tested by elite collegiate powerlifters.

NAME SIGNIFICANCE: Named in honor of “Ludus PT” (in Ancient Rome, a ludus was a gladiator training school) and those who participated in it from 2014-2015, both at home station and down range.

NOTE: This program does not include specified cardio, but cardio should still be done at a minimum of 2 times per week, preferably 3 x 30 minute sessions or more per week.

DO NOT SKIP ON MOBILITY WORK. Always take time to stretch prior to any session and incorporate a daily stretching practice for longevity. Readiness is a thing, but so is arthritis.

BE SMARTER THAN THE BARBELL. Only lift things you believe you can do safely. If you are feeling weaker on a particular day, push as hard as you can, but stay vigilant in ensuring proper technique. People get hurt when they get tired. Check your ego and do not become solely focused on the numbers. If you consistently keep pushing yourself, day by day, you will get stronger. Consistency of effort is key.



Day 1: Squat

Day 2: Bench

Day 3: Deadlift

Day 4: Squat

Day 5: Bench

Day 6: Deadlift

Day 7: Rest / Active RecoverY

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Gladiator Strength Program PDF

Gladiator Strength Program PDF

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10 week strength program that has been vetted by a premiere college powerlifting team. 6 training days per week, focusing on the key lifts, squat, bench, and deadlift. Get ready for new PRs!


1. Myofascial Release (foam roller, lacrosse ball, roller stick) x 15 repetitions
2. Banded Joint Activation (shoulders, chest, hips, back) x 15 repetitions
3. Mobility (child’s pose to downward dog to cat pose) x 15 seconds
4. Muscular Activation (goblet squat with plate, pushups) x 15 repetitions
5. Static Flexibility (rear-foot-elevated split squat, wall pectoral) x 30 seconds

Week 1

Bar: 1x10
50%: 1x5
75%: 1x3
90%: 1x1
70%: 3x7

Box Jumps: 4x7
Front Rack Lunge: 2x12

Bar: 1x10
50%: 1x5
75%: 1x3
90%: 1x1
70%: 3x7

Plyo Pushup: 4x7
Floor Press: 2x12

Bar: 1x10
50%: 1x5
75%: 1x3
90%: 1x1
75%: 3x5

Back Extensions: 4x15
Ab Roller: 2x12