If you are reading this page it means that you have donated and are now eligible to participate in the 2023 Lift for America event.

Thank you so much for your support and together we can try to make a difference.

Again all proceeds will go to the HunterSeven Foundation, if not the most important - one of the most effective nonprofits focused on helping GWOT veterans.


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Do not get under any barbell that you do not confidently
feel that you can lift without injury

Listen to your body and always choose form over numbers.

 Always use a spotter and remember that this is intended to be a fun event. Please treat it as such and do so as safely as possible.


This event will adhere to the USAPL's as discussed in PDF pages 14-17 of the USAPL Lifter Handbook.

To Highlight:

  1. Squat: when in doubt, go lower. Lifter Guide: the lifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the top surface of the legs at the hip joint is lower than the top of the knees.  
  2. Bench: Upper back and but must maintain contact with the bench the entire lift. Feet must remain on the platform/floor the entire lift. No bouncing of the bar off the chest - weight must be controlled the entire lift with full lockout.
  3. Deadlift: Sumo is allowed, but if the range of motion is limited it will be at the judges discretion whether the lift will be counted. Do not rest the bar or pause the bar on the thigh and ensure a full lockout.

This event will adhere to the USAPL's Raw Equipment Standards as laid out on PDF page 13 of the USAPL Lifter Handbook.

Raw lifting is defined as using only the following:
a) Non-supportive singlet
b) T-shirt
c) Undergarments (underwear, bra)
d) Socks
e) Belt
f) Shoes
g) Wristwraps
h) Single-ply neoprene knee sleeves without attaching and/or tightening mechanisms like Velcro, clips, or

Ensure in your videos:

  • The entire lifter and weight must be easily seen throughout the video 
  • Hip hinge below parallel in squat must be visible 
  • Show the weight being lifted - judges will verify the weight visually
  • You are clothed and decent in the weigh in video (show scale numbers)
  • State how much you are lifting
  • High/clear video quality

Lifter must provide video weigh-in for official entry into the competition for the following weight classes (lbs):

  • < 150
  • 150 - 175
  • 175 - 200
  • 200 - 225
  • 225 - 250
  • > 250

Prizes will be awarded for

  • Best total of each weight class
  • Best of each lift - someone may win best of a lift and their weight class total
  • Overall pound for pound champ - we want to reward and promote being lean

The general concept is simple: your combined total of squat, bench, and deadlift must be at least 1,000 pounds.

1 rep of each exercise, 3 reps total, 1,000 pounds.

As Henry Rollins once said, "200 pounds is always 200 pounds" - so there are no separate weight classes for gender/sex/however you identify.

The benchmark to become an IRON EAGLE and join the 1,000 pound club is... 1,000 pounds.

Following the competition each person that makes the cut will be awarded an additional IRON EAGLE tank - included in the sign up fee.


Stressing this again on this page because this is where most people will have issues with their squat.

The hip hinge (yellow arrow) must be below parallel for the lift to count. Ensure your video clearly captures proper hip hinge depth.

Lifter Handbook: the lifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the top surface of the legs at the hip joint is lower than the top of the knees.  

Graphic from bottom of PDF page 14

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