As the calendar turns towards Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, a time of celebration and patriotism for many, it can be an especially challenging period for our veterans.

The memories of lost comrades and missing friends can weigh heavily on their hearts and minds, pushing them to the edge and beyond.

But there is a way to transform that pain into something positive.

Through this event we aim to provide a sense of community and purpose for those veterans and service members who may be struggling, offering a chance to come together and make a difference.

Together we can honor their sacrifice and turn pain into a force for good.


One of the most important non profits of the GWOT generation, The HunterSeven Foundation conducts research on military exposures among post-9/11 veterans and educates the veteran and healthcare population on critical health information relating to their exposures. 


For the uninitiated, 1,000 pound clubs are rooted in GWOT lifting culture - a positive way to relieve stress, build morale, and provide a goal to mitigate deployment doldrums.

Image is of Leader Rakkasans (1-187 IN) conducting a 1,000 pound club at Combat Outpost Meade, Iraq on June 15th, 2008.


The concept is simple: your combined total of squat, bench, and deadlift must be at least 1,000 pounds.

1 rep of each exercise, 3 reps total, 1,000 pounds.

How it Works

1. Purchase Lift for America (see below)

2. The tank top size/color you selected will be made and mailed to you

3. You will immediately receive a welcome email and can download the full IRON EAGLE power program workbook PDF

4. Make your way to the Lift for America portal, where detailed instructions await (see below)

5. The Lift for America portal is also where you will upload your videos

6. Complete the sign up form and upload your videos by the Fourth of July to enter

7. Everyone lifting at least 1,000 pounds will be awarded an IRON EAGLE tank top

8. Additional prizes for the best of each lift, best of each weight class, and overall pound for pound champ

NOTE: Participation is you not mandatory, can purchase just to support and receive the Iron Eagle power program workbook PDF and a Lift for America 2023 tank top.

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